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Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 9:45 AM

jonas sickler illustration of pen and brush

I am finally getting to a very important topic: Author Seeking Illustrator. As a children's book Illustrator, I have been approached by many new Authors who have written children's books, and whom are looking for an illustrator to put pictures to their words. I am always flattered to be considered by an Author to bring their manuscript to life with my images, however, the publishing industry just doesn't work that way.

Publishers are very much unwavering in regard to their submissions guidelines. The only instance when a publisher will consider an illustrated manuscript is when the Illustrator wrote and illustrated the book. If you submit a manuscript with illustrations that someone else did, your work will most likely end up being recycled. I realize that you have a vision for your book, and you want it to look the way your mind sees it. But publishers also have a vision for your book, and they are the one footing the bill for creating it. Publishers (Editors and Art Directors) are very good at combining professional Illustrators with just the right manuscript. They have hundreds of established Illustrators pumping their mailboxes full of art every day. So rather than visiting the local high school or college to seek a student who will do the work pro-bono, or teaming up with a friend who will do the work cheaply, save yourself time and money by taking the road MORE travelled.

A quick note on self publishing. Yes, you can do this. You can pay a local artist out of pocket to fully illustrate your book, and then pay an online self publishing house to print up a handful of copies to sell on your own. Just be warned that this is quite expensive, and very time consuming. But, if you hate rejection, then self publishing may be the only way to go. Publishers will reject a book if it is bad, but they will also reject a good book if it doesn't fit the style of their house.

I hope this post is a great help to all new Authors. I wish you the very best in your endeavors. Rather than spending time seeking an Illustrator, go instead to libraries and book stores to find the publishers that print your style of book. Have fun, and never give up!




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